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Increase Volume with New Continuous Barge Unloader Buckets and Chain

Continuous barge unloaders play a vital role in bulk material handling, which makes it all the more important that these components are operating as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, new Continuous Barge Unloader buckets and chains can provide a significant increase in the volume of material you can handle. A simple upgrade can translate into the ability to move more material faster and with less waste.

Modern bucket and chains are specially designed and manufactured to provide lasting performance that will stand up to the toughest materials and work environments. Today's buckets feature sprockets and chain rollers that have been flame hardened and outfitted with dual seals. These extras are designed to prevent contamination and seizing for smooth and continuous operation.

In addition, high alloy steel buckets are designed with specific mechanical properties in mind. Instead of simply providing a certain ratio of alloy, Continuous Barge Unloader buckets are manufactured to pro…

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